About CIH Service
CIH Service was started in the year 2000 to provide timely, quality Industrial Hygiene consulting services to the business community at competitive prices. The owner and principal consultant, Kevin Campbell, has been providing safety and industrial hygiene consulting services across the United States for  20 -years! Mr. Campbell is Certified in the Comprehensive Practice for both Industrial Hygiene and Safety. In 2004, Mr. Campbell became a Certified Ergonomics Manager. He has worked as an expert witness and has helped resolve difficult issues relating to environmental exposures.

Available services include air, noise and heat stress monitoring. Management and employee training programs are also available for various topics such as OSHA-required training or management training on requirements for a specific safety or industrial hygiene issue. Technical assistance is available to help determine the adequacy or need for controls. Assistance is also available to write, develop, implement or audit safety or health programs. Efforts are made to provide updates on technical issues that may impact operations so you are prepared for regulatory changes. Consultations are available to discuss exposure issues with your company physician or medical staff so they have a better understanding of the nature of exposures for employees in your facility. Efforts are also made to communicate technical issues so that risks and options are clearly understood.